A: Jeonju Traditional Culture Center, where ISAAC2014 will be held on.

Recommended Route

B: Incheon International Airport(ICN), the biggest airport in Korea, nearby Seoul(capital of Korea).

C: Yongsan Station.(optional)

D: Jeonju Station

Alternative Route

E: Gimhae International Airport(PUS).

F: Busan West Bus Terminal

G: Jeonju Bus Terminal

From Incheon International Airport

A. By Train (KTX)

Train reservation: Korail Page

For the 2nd or 3rd options, you should buy two direct (travel type) tickets from Korail Page separately. (Please check the train number and the departure time for each purchase carefully.) At the moment, the Korail page does not provide a correct transfer option from ICN to Jeonju. Therefore, in all cases, you should only select a direct (travel type) ticket in the ticket website.

(Select 'Direct' in the ticket website)

There are more trains from [Yongsan station] in Seoul heading to [Jeonju station]. (About one train per hour).
You can come to [Yongsan station] from [Incheon airport] by taking a limousine bus.

Ex. [Incheon Airport] -> (Limousine Bus 6030) -> [Yongsan station] -> (Train) -> [Jeonju station]

Traveling time from [Incheon airport] to [Yangsan station] is about 50 mins. [Yongsan station] is not the final destination of (Limousine Bus 6030). You should get off at [Yonagsan station].
B. By Limousine Bus

Bus Stop Map

Bus Table: To Jeonju Intercity Bus Terminal
Bus Table: To Jeonju Core Hotel

Limousine bus platform is located at 1st floor 9C of Incheon airport.

C. By Call Van

Call Van Map

Call van site:"
Tel: 82-32-743-0828
E-mail address:
Hours of Operation : 09:00 ~ 20:00
Maximum capacity : 5 people , Maximum 8 pieces of Luggage
Designated loading place : 1st floor of the passenger Terminal 10C
Fare to Jeonju: 280,000 won + Toll fee: about 20,000 won

From Kimhae International Airport

A. By Bus
Bus information(to Jeonju)
Interval: 60 min
Travelling Time: 210 min
First bus: 07:00
Last Bus: 19:00
Fees: 17,000 won
Gimhae international airport station -> Sasang station(Exit 3) -> Busan west bus terminal -> Jeonju bus terminal

Travel to the Conference Venue

Map to conference venue
A. By Taxi (Cards for Taxi Driver)

Traditional Activities

The conference ends on December 17 around 3pm and then there will be two interesting activities organized by us from 4pm on the day. One is to make a Korean traditional hand mirror (Activity2) and another one is to experience Korean (Jeonju) traditional liquor-making and taste a few typical traditional liquors with dinner (Activity1). You can find more information on these activities in the links below.
You need to pay to join the experience (10,000 Won for hand mirror, 80,000 Won for the liquor experience). We recommend that you do something unique during your trip and experience Korean traditional culture at firsthand. We take reservations on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want to participate in one of the activity programs, send us an email ( containing your name and the name of the activity as early as possible.


Jeonju has seen 1,250 years of history, and is famous for being one of Korea's oldest cities. Also, Jeonju is famous for traditional Korean cuisine, and traditional cultures.
You can tour the traditional Korean village called Hanokmaeul and the palace of an old Korean dynasty. If you want, going through Korean traditional cultures such as staying in Hanok village, having Hansik, and making Hanji, a traditional paper made from specially selected trees.
See Jeonju Tour Guide for the details and another information.